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BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and fitness martial arts academy

Looking for MMA
classes near Alicante
and Valencia?

At Matrix Martial Arts in Pedreguer, near Denia, you can train your combat skills
through striking, grappling and ground fighting techniques.
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What is MMA?

Mixed martial arts or MMA is an unarmed combat sport. The goal of an MMA competition is victory by knockout, submission or judge’s decision after the allotted time. MMA is the name for the sport seen in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Mixed martial arts competitions in the United States were originally almost without rules, to make street-like fights and discover the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat. Most competitions now have rules in place to avoid serious injury. Many Judo, BJJ, Muay Thai or boxing competitors will fight in MMA competitions or train it to build all-round self-defence skills.

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    What are MMA techniques?

    Mixed martial arts draw from a wide range of martial arts disciplines. An MMA fighter needs to know how to fight standing up, fight in the clinch and fight on the ground.

    Your MMA training will combine striking techniques from kickboxing and Muay Thai, as well as grappling techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and combat submission wrestling. You will also need condition training to build your stamina and take part in competitions.

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    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes at Matrix are every Monday from 8pm to 9pm.

    Please contact us via the website to book your first class.

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